Monday, April 21, 2014

My relationship with writing. Hello.

Writing has always been a dreaded -practice, art, form of expression if you will- thing for me. It's not that I was ever really terrible at it, in fact English was one of my best subjects in high school. Rather, my daunting encounters with writing were invariably linked to deadlines, examinations, anally retentive structure, and the hope of pleasing someone on the assessment side, where the idea of 'poor,' 'satisfactory,' or 'excellent,' is as subjective as ones favourite flavour of ice-cream.
Struggling to find my own creative voice, I have been influenced by former peers and their flawless prose and use of imagery. However, not in a way that was beneficial, but to the extent that it made my writing disingenuous. I was, in all sense of the word... a phony.

With that being said, this is not my first blog. I have dabbled in my share of senseless blogging including; failed style/fashion blogs on this platform, an angst-y Tumblr from my formative teen years (the name of which I will not disclose), to even Myspace blogs (now obsolete, thankfully).
Yes, this is not my first blog. But it IS the first blog where I will hopefully try to honour my voice. There are no gimmicks here, call it 'lifestyle,' if you will. But really, my aim is to share with you these chronicles of my life and to write more, from a personal, sincere and organic place.
Kick back, enjoy, like or hate and just bear with me.

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